Research at HIA


Since its foundation, the Helmholtz-Institute Aachen has served as a bridge between the faculties of natural sciences and engineering and the medical disciplines of RWTH Aachen University. Within the profile area Medicine and Technology of RWTH Aachen University with a network of over 50 active institutes and research areas within RWTH Aachen University, the HIA plays an essential coordinating and catalysing role.

In recent years, a large number of HIA spin-off companies with over 500 jobs have also been established in the region of Aachen.

The research and development focus of the HIA is personalized biomedical technology. On average, the seven institutes of the HIA employ more than 200 scientific and about 50 non-scientific staff in more than 170 research projects. Detailed information can be found in the annual reports.

Moreover, comprehensive reports on our research in medical engineering are published in Aachener Beiträge zur Medizintechnik (Shaker).

Further publications are listed on the webpages of each institute and research groups.


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