Welcome to the HIA

  Professors of the Helmholtz-Institute for Biomedical Engineering Copyright: © Lovis Phlippen  

Welcome to the website of the work community Helmholtz-Institute for Biomedical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University.

The mission of the Helmholtz-Institute Aachen (HIA) is an active connection of interdisciplinary basic research and application-oriented research and development in the field of biomedical engineering. Likewise, the close relationship between actual research topics and the education of our students from different disciplines and specialities is a major objective. The members of the Helmholtz-Institute's Board of Directors therefore actively coordinate cross-faculty teaching in the field of biomedical engineering at RWTH Aachen University.

The common intention of all initiated projects, activities and tasks is the invention and development of new biomedical technologies. The application of new methods should contribute to the best possible medical therapy of patients and their rehabilitation.

The Board of Directors will be glad to provide further information if you are interested in our research topics.

Yours Fabian Kiessling